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Board of Directors

Mrs. Louise Falch

Mrs. Christina Womack

Mrs. Patricia Burch

Mr. Kraig Sutherland

Mrs. Holly Joyce

Mrs. Carol Ladymon

Mr. Edward Schuch

Dr. Jonathon Bird

Mr. Chris Morrison

Contact Information

St. Francois Co. Board
For the Developmentally Disabled
2068 North Washington
P. O. Box 652
Farmington, Missouri 63640


 Administration                    Phone: 573-756-0595      Fax: 573-756-1529
Leanna Castillo Executive Director ext. 109
Stephanie Parks Administrator ext. 104
Amanda Newberry Human Resources Manager
ext. 103
Kassi BabichOffice Manager
ext. 117
Stephen Price RN/Medical Coordinator ext. 107
Debra ReedQDDP ext. 120
Nick GoodmanQDDP ext. 108
JoAnn EmilyResidential Services General Manager ext. 102
Glena GoodmanCommunity Coordinator ext. 106
Deborah PearsonVocational Specialist ext. 108

 Service Coordination           Phone: 573-747-1596      Fax: 573-756-5060
Sherry Woods Service Coordinator Supervisor ext. 113
Clayton CoxService Coordinator ext. 116
Veronica CampbellService Coordinator ext. 112
Susan CanterberryService Coordinator ext. 114
Sheri MasonService Coordinator ext. 115
Lynne Cunningham Service Coordinator ext. 100
Tabitha SalesRecords Manager ext. 101